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Own your financial plan. Own your financial future.

  • Institutional-quality financial plan
  • 13.5 million career + location combinations
  • Library of tools and tutorials
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Must-Have app

"All of the college students should use this app because there is nothing like Troutwood app in the market...I will be using this app pretty much everyday to look for careers and help me balance my budget as a college student."

Joonyoung Lim, 10/07/2022, App Store

Great interactive to share with students!

"It was so satisfying to this teacher’s heart to see the possibilities, excitement, and hope in my students’ faces as they realized that goals, while not without challenges, are attainable."

Dee!4019, 05/25/2021, App Store

Fantastic Platform

"Really a great app! Troutwood rocks, and we’ll be using this app for years to come when teaching personal finance/investment."

DJ Promise, 07/22/2022, App Store

Truly Amazing!

"This is an incredible company and app that everyone should know about. Everyone should be better educated in how to prepare themselves for retirement and a better future."

Tukjwq, 09/26/2021, App Store

Love this app!

"This app is great for everyone really but especially young adults and teens that could use information about investing and managing their finances. There is just not enough education like this in school and we could all really use more of this."

walmart fix this please, 08/03/2021, App Store

First of it’s kind financial planning tool

"The Troutwood app has given me the platform to build a financial plan that grows with me. I love the ability to explore multiple career options and customize my budget while prioritizing my investing goals."

rach10202, 07/20/2022, App Store

Map of the Markets

An interactive stock market map.

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  • Visualize the stock market with customizable bubble metrics
  • Filter by sector, index, performance history, individual companies
  • Thousands of public companies
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